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Thank you for stopping by! I'm Christine White, the breeder ​behind Woodview Doodles, along with the helping hands of ​my supportive family. Situated in Illinois, 60 miles west of ​Chicago, we are a small in-home breeder specializing in ​Goldendoodles.

Our mission is to raise well-rounded, healthy, and happy ​family dogs, prioritizing a solid foundation for success in ​their new homes. Our puppies benefit from early ​neurological stimulation (ENS), early scent introduction ​(ESI), and a comprehensive curriculum including Puppy ​Culture, Breeder’s Bootcamp, and Empowered Breeder, ​which includes socialization and age-appropriate training.

The well-being of our parent dogs and future puppies is ​paramount. Each dog undergoes annual wellness exams by ​a licensed veterinarian, receives proper vaccinations and ​preventive care. Prior to breeding plans, our dogs have ​been genetically tested through Embark, along with OFA ​screening for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart.

We are committed to helping you find the perfect puppy for ​your family, providing ongoing support from our home to ​yours, and throughout your fur-member’s life.

The Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA™️), ​“promotes healthy, thriving Goldendoodles through ethical ​breeding standards, education and membership”. ​Woodview Doodles is very proud to be a Gold Level ​Breeder Member of GANA™️.

Meet the Parents


DOB: 10/31/2023

Generation: F1

Willow is a smart and sweet puppy.

Loves salmon skin and duck feet

chews. She is doing well with

training and we are excited for her

to be part of our program, pending

completion of health testing.


DOB: 1/14/2021

Generation: F1BB

Peaches is affectionate, playful, and

a joy to be around. Due to an injury in

December of 2023, she is now retired

from our program. She was a

wonderful mom to her first and only

litter and will be an amazing aunt to

our future litters.

Red Heart Shape


DOB: 10/3/2020

Generation: F1BB

Honey is kind, smart and athletic. She

loves belly rubs, car-rides, peanut

butter, and Benebone chews. We are

looking forward to her first litter, due

this May.


DOB: 10/25/2020

Generation: F1B

Jax is very sweet, smart, and a

wonderful stud. He is laid back, and

loves to snuggle. Bully sticks and tennis

balls are his favorite things. We are so

excited for his second litter to arrive

this May.

Health Testing

White Circle Vector
White Circle Vector
White Circle Vector
White Circle Vector

OFA + Embark information listed in each folder


Current Litter

Blank Polaroids



Honey & Jax

Puppies arrived on May 13th!

4 girls

3 boys


Cream and Apricot

Abstract Markings


Curly Coats

Estimated Adult Weight Range 55-70lbs

“Ice Cream Sundae Litter”

home sweet home, home, , cute, trendy, modern, house, lettering, decorative text, handmade
home sweet home, home, , cute, trendy, modern, house, lettering, decorative text, handmade



Cherry nka Charlotte
home sweet home, home, , cute, trendy, modern, house, lettering, decorative text, handmade
Fudge nka Archie
Sprinkles nka Baylor
home sweet home, home, , cute, trendy, modern, house, lettering, decorative text, handmade
Caramel nka Franklin
Butterscotch nka Buttercup
Waffles nka Sadie
Available stamp
home sweet home, home, , cute, trendy, modern, house, lettering, decorative text, handmade
home sweet home, home, , cute, trendy, modern, house, lettering, decorative text, handmade

Photo Gallery

Current Litter - “Ice Cream Sundae” ​Honey & Jax


Planned Litter

Mating in September | Puppies in November | Go-Home January 2025



Hand Drawn Heart

willow & Co.’s ​“Murphy”

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Multigen Goldendoodles

Shades of red and apricot

Possible solid, abstract and parti

All furnished with wavy coats

Black or brown noses

Estimated weight 45-55 LBS

www.WoodviewDoodles.com | (630) 552-6550 | WoodviewDoodles@gmail.com


Organic List Menu checkbox

Current Litter Price: $2,600

Planned Litter Price: $2,900

Non-Refundable Reservation Fee: $500

Balance due by puppy’s 7th week birthday

Payment Methods: Zelle and Good Dog

Reservation fee is refundable if dam has a failed

pregnancy or does not produce enough puppies

to accommodate waitlist.

Ready to join our puppy family?

Number 1
Fill out our puppy application
Number 2
Once your application is reviewed within 24 hours we will schedule a phone call to discuss our program and answer any questions you may have
Number 3
Place your non refundable reservation fee with an approved application Fee secures your spot on the waitlist in order received
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Dog Paw Tracks

What’s included with my puppy?

Blank List

2 year health warranty

Vet check prior to go-home day

Age appropriate vaccines and deworming

Fi Nano microchip

30 days of Trupanion Insurance coverage

Puppy training through My Loyal Hound ($227 value)

“Welcome Home” goody basket + bag of current puppy food

Puppy Pick Day

Illustration of Paw Print
Illustration of Paw Print
Illustration of Paw Print
Illustration of Paw Print
Illustration of Paw Print
Illustration of Paw Print

Results of temperament testing will be sent to all puppy families

prior to pick day.

Puppy picks are during week 7. Date and time for each family

will be determined two weeks in advance.

Picks are conducted via Zoom, Facetime, FB Messenger

video call, or In-Person at our home.

Your numbered spot on the litter reservation list is the order that

puppies will be picked.

Immediately after you select your puppy, we will review pickup details

and go through our “Welcome Home” transition checklist and answer

any questions you may have.

Go-home day will be scheduled between weeks 8 and 9, depending

on the specific needs of each puppy.

Go-Home Day

Home Icon
home love
Home Icon
home love
Home Icon
home love

Pickup date and time will be scheduled during puppy pick day.

Your puppy will be picked up at our home unless we have

discussed other arrangements.

If your puppy is being hand delivered by me via land or air, we

will reconfirm details approximately one week in advance.

If your puppy is being delivered via flight nanny, please confirm

details with me at least 10 days in advance to ensure a timely drop-off

at O’Hare/Midway Airport.

To ensure puppy pickup times are as scheduled for all families,

please arrive on time. Pickups will take approximately 20 minutes.

On pickup day, you will receive vet records, GANA registration

form, goody basket and bag of current food.

How We Raise our Puppies

Scribbled heart
Scribbled heart
Scribbled heart
Scribbled heart

From 3-16 days old, our puppies will undergo early neurological

stimulation and early scent introduction. Research shows, that

stressing puppies very slightly during this period, produces

beneficial effects on them for the rest of their lives. Results of ENS

are greater tolerance of stress, greater resistance to disease, faster

adrenal system, a stronger heartrate and heartbeat. ESI has shown

to improve nose awareness and confidence, along with enhancing

their ability to identify and react to specific events.

Puppies are nurtured through a blend of Puppy Culture, Breeder’s

Bootcamp, and Empowered Breeder curriculum. These initiatives ensure that our puppies receive the necessary enrichment while in our

care, including daily handling, socialization, exposure to various sounds, textures, and novelty items.

At week 7, we will temperament test puppies with Jeanette Forrey’s

Empowered Breeder Puppy Evaluation method. These tests will be recorded

along with a scorecard for each puppy. Traits tested are: assertiveness,

confidence, motivation level, nerve strength/resiliency, touch tolerance,

energy level, sound sensitivity, prey drive, human focus (pack drive), tender

hearted and dog friendliness. Knowing these traits allows us to assist in

matching each puppy’s temperament to their new family’s lifestyle.

Your puppy will be started on crate, leash, and potty training, along with grooming basics. Ongoing training is essential to reinforce the foundation laid during their time in our care.

Puppy Training

We’ve partnered with Dre Nolon from My Loyal Hound to assist you in preparing your heart and home for your new fur-member. Every Woodview Doodles puppy comes with access to Dre’s online training and support program, “The Puppy System”, valued at $227. By understanding how to prevent and address unwanted behaviors, you will be equipped to raise a well-behaved, obedient puppy that trusts your for guidance.

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Included with your puppy!

Photo Gallery

Past Litter - Peaches & Jax

Photo Gallery

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